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Dali Burgado, SEO Trainer/Consultant

Hello.  I am Dali Burgado, founder of Secrets to Web Success - a blog that provides aspiring entrepreneurs, artists, and info-preneurs with the know-how to implement search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, branding, and social media best practices.

I provide 2 versions of my bio (Traditional and Fun)

Traditional Bio

I’ve been blogging since 2008.  For three years, I worked full time as an “in-house” SEO and web analyst for a multi-million dollar company in the information security industry.  I’ve been responsible for improving the web visibility of eight websites that collectively see 4 million unique page views per month.  Prior to starting that journey, I founded this blog, which includes the work of several other highly skilled bloggers and entrepreneurs. Alongside being an in-house, I also provide online training for bloggers on how to SEO and understand tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to help reach online goals.

I currently provide SEO mentoring for online marketers and provide SEO and web analytics services.

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Some of what you’ll find on this blog:

  • SEO mastery tips
  • Social media strategy and tips
  • Web copywriting techniques
  • Blog and Technical know-how

My goal

My goal is to provide you with effective and unique web visibility tips you won’t find regurgitated anywhere else on the web.  You can expect a good deal of “how to” content on the subjects of blogging, SEO, copywriting, WordPress, Google Analytics, and Social Media.  I encourage you to comment on the articles, and let me know what it is you would like to learn more about.

My mission

My mission is to empower you with easily understood, online marketing strategies and know-how that will help you attract highly qualified visitors and clients and increase your online profitability. I am committed to helping you develop personalized strategies that will allow you to build relationships, trust, and rapport with your clients online while gaining a highly competitive edge in your respective market(s).

My core values

I value the power of online relationship building, continuous online education, and collaboration.

For more information on services please visit my services page.  I am also available for public speaking engagements.

The Fun Bio:

Search Engine Optimization and Web Analytics Guru by Day and Niche Entrepreneur by night.

Thousands scour the Internet in search of Dali Burgado’s secret WordPress Blogging and SEO marketing consulting. Known for her SEO, technology, music, personal growth, and success passions, CPUs melt underneath her fiery fingertips.

“The Dali Blogger,”as Dali is commonly referred to, is also known as a “Mastermindress.”

Masterminding, networking, and collaborating with other web, technology, and growth-obsessed entrepreneurs all drive her towards new innovations.

Dali founded Secrets to Web Success, LLC and the Secrets to Web Success Blog after several masterminding sessions with several other amazingly talented online entrepreneurs.

It was then that she learned that her Superpowers were to be used for teaching and mentoring others on how to have the fast growth she experienced using WordPress, SEO, and partnerships at its core essence.

When not search optimizing web sites, analyzing web site metrics, conducting keyword research, scouring the web, Facebooking, coding, or blogging (exhale) … you can find Dali leading group coaching sessions with creative entrepreneurs or singing Opera, Rhythm and Blues.  She’s not only a songstress and an Online Hero but, also a mother of a 7 and 6 year old!

You can connect with Dali most readily on FacebookTwitter, and Google+.

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The Stuffy Academic Version:

Dali Burgado is the founder of the Secrets to Web Success blog and was recently an in-house Search Engine Optimization Consultant and Web Analyst for a multi-million dollar information security company.  On a daily basis Dali can be found conducting keyword research, attending SEOMoz Webinars, reading blogs in the SEO industry, coding, and conducting Search Engine Optimization upgrades for 8 web sites.  Dali also consults information security bloggers, leaders, and trainers on how to market training courses using SEO and Social Media tools.

She began her journey in the online world at the end of 2007 when involved in the direct sales industry.  Struggling with a way to better market her services and products, she stumbled across a few good SEO e-books.  With the knowledge she acquired on and offline, Dali began seeing successes online and Joint Ventured with several other talented folks to create a blog team.  As fate would have it, life took a turn, Dali went back to the corporate world.  Nevertheless, Dali is transitioning to be a full-time search engine optimization coach, blogger and creating a rich content and user experience here to provide artists, coaches and spiritual entrepreneurs with tips on how to create massive success on the web.

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