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5 Yoga Principles to Multiply your Small Business Motivation and Web Success

Upward Bow Yoga Pose

Upward Bow Yoga Pose

There are many reasons that keep small business owners from achieving success on the web.  As a matter of fact, there are times when you simply lack the business motivation to achieve your marketing goals.

After some spiritual insight following a yoga session, I discovered 5 areas that can either hold you back or multiply your business motivation and internet marketing success.

Bend your mind and follow…

As you can see the picture to the right the woman is in a very flexible “upward bow” yoga position.

This pose takes a lot of flexibility, strength, coordination, practice and focus.   A beginner to Yoga will most likely be unable to bend this way.

And I was definitely one of those people up until today.

I’ve been a yoga student for about a year, and I really enjoy the peace, creativity and productivity that comes from practicing yoga.  If you’ve ever practiced yoga at home, or at the gym, you know that concentration is a big part of being able to hold all of the yoga poses.

So after a year of not being able to bend that way, I finally was able to do so today.

Now, the last time I did yoga was probably two months ago, yet I found myself in full upward bow position without having practiced yoga in weeks.  I was so surprised that after about 15 seconds I realized I was doing something I had never done in the past.

I then began asking why I hadn’t been able to get into this position before.

After a bit of inner dialogue I realized I had made excuses that did not have anything to do with my inability to get into the upward bow position.

I remember when I was more regularly doing yoga, I just knew in my mind that if I got into that position I’d either hurt my wrists or completely collapse because of my weak upper body strength.  If I couldn’t do pull ups and support my body weight how could I possible do the upward bow?  I realized that whenever, the upward bow came up I would skip it altogether or do the modified upward bow.  I didn’t attempt at all.

After not having practiced yoga in about 2 months I finally did the upward bow!

What had changed?

My focus and concentration did.  It also hit me.  There are 4 other elements that help you both become better at yoga and achieve web success.

5 Yoga Principles that will Dramatically Alter your Small Businesses Motivation and Web Success

1) Focus and Concentration

As I was following each and every instruction given by Rodney Yee was giving me I focused on exactly what it was he was telling me to do.  So I was in the zone and had full concentration and focus on the instructions and movements.

When Yee described the position, I bent upward and did it.  I didn’t stop to think “hey, this is something I haven’t done before so I won’t do it.”   I did it without any conscious thought that I was doing it.  I didn’t over think or over analyze.

I just did it without thinking about it.  No hesitations.  No second guesses about my abilities.

Now, just so you know, I haven’t done any serious exercising.  All I’ve done the last two or three months is simply walk my dog every day.  I also haven’t done any weight training.  I simply was focused and concentrated on the task at hand completely shutting off any negative chatter in my mind (including the “Dali, you can’t do that pose” voice that normally would have stopped me from engaging in the upward bow pose.

So what does this have to do with your Internet Marketing, Small Business Blogging or Social Media Efforts?

Plenty, as you can probably tell where I’m going with this.

When you want to do something your mind must be in the moment.  Focus on the present.  Work on the task at hand and don’t listen to the negative chatter that might surface.

Find a way to get in your zone and take action.

If you’re going to blog, set a time(s) of the week where you’ll have quiet uninterrupted time to get your thoughts and keyword research together to craft a great blog post that gets the appropriate Google love.

Meditate or pray to get into your zone.  Eat a snack, drink water and turn your ringer off so that you can work effectively.

Do what you know frees your mind so that you can have greater results.

Only focus at the task at hand.  If you’re blogging, don’t even edit your blog posts until you’ve gotten all your thoughts out.  I use this trick when I create web copy, and it does wonders for me.  I completely shut off that internal editor that really is the naysayer.

Tell yourself you are enough!

Concentrate and just do it!

2) Flexibility and Balance

Give yourself room to complete your online marketing goal.  Just as a newcomer to yoga would not expect to do the upward bow or even the downward dog without any discomfort, set yourself a cushion of time to complete your project.

If you don’t get all your blog posts in by your time slot, have a second day where you reserve that time as a “free for all” time to catch up on any unfinished business.  I personally enjoy blogging Sunday nights with free time on Thursdays and Fridays to finish up on things (blogging or product creation and development).

It’s all about being flexible and not beating yourself up for not completing a goal you set out to do.  You need some wiggle room to feel good about your progress and to grow.

Remember it’s all about progress not the end result.  It takes time and effort to get the end result you want.

3) Strength

Just as having great balance and flexibility will help you enjoy yoga, having inner strength will assist you take action and make progress with your small business Internet marketing efforts.

You need more mental strength to adjust to running your small business and begin blogging or begin to incorporate email marketing into your marketing mix.   Granted you know the importance of increasing your online presence for your business, you’ll need the internal strength that will tell you, “although this might not have been the best strategy I now I have this experience, which will teach me how to do a better job next time.”

You need that strong mindset to tackle on your online marketing endeavors.

This like, flexibility, takes time to build as well.  The more and more action you take, the more inner strength and focused mindset you’ll have to thrive online and offline.

4) Coordination

Having good coordination is a must for yoga as well as for Internet marketing.

  • Are you clear on your role in your online marketing?
  • Are you delegating the blogging to an employee? Or are you investing your time to learn to blog.
  • Have you delegated different marketing projects to your employees or outsourced a project.
  • Or are you trying to tackle your Internet marketing on your own?

Having the coordination in place will help you achieve Internet marketing success a lot faser.

5) Practice

Practice makes progress (not perfect).  No one on this earth is a perfect human being, so your marketing strategies wont’ be perfect.  If you are an empowered small business visionary who is concerned about taking your Internet marketing to new heights realize that practice will yield progress.  The more you apply what you know the more progress you will make.

Put into practice all that you know.  Hire Internet marketing consultants to help you strategize.

What other principles either from yoga or elsewhere have you implemented in your journey to Web Success?

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  1. What a great revelation this was Dali! And congrat’s on just doing it. You make me wanna take up Yoga!

  2. Dali said

    Thank you, Cenay!

    Yoga is wonderful. It melts tons of stress and tension and gets me in the flow.
    Let me know when you start. ha ha


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