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The Power of 5 Words for Small Business Motivation

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The words you speak and focus on have great power over the direction your small business and life take.  To keep up your small business motivation this week, I decided to share some Google love with a new friend.  This post is inspired by a recent blog post entitled Focus on Five.

In this blog post motivation and creativity coach, Denise Hart, also known on Twitter as The Motivation Mama, talks about focusing on five areas of your life where you would like to improve or strengthen.  This is a motivation technique Denise created that replaces the dreaded “New Years Resolution” type of goals that we never keep.

So how does this Focus on Five motivation technique work?

You write down 5 areas of your life you want to improve and keep them where you will see them regularly.

I’d recommend keeping these words positive because the words you speak and focus on can alter your mood, focus and the outcome of your day and goals in a major way.

Words have power!

Don’t believe me?

Think of the words “thank you” and “I appreciate you”.   What draws a stronger emotion?  I bet the latter, right?  :-)

The more you focus on what you want, and having what you want be a positive powerful word, the more you will make conscious efforts to improve upon those areas of your business and life.  Conversely, the more you focus on what you do not want, the more you will draw that to your existence.

Focusing on 5 critical areas of your small business, and life, will allow you to keep focused, maintain a positive outlook and reach your goals.

Denise recommends writing those five words down on a post-it note and placing it on your computer screen or in your planner.

I felt compelled to leave a comment on Denise’s blog telling her my top 5 areas of focus in my life and business.  They happen to be balance, service, connection, collaboration and health.

As I sit here with my monthly goal sheet I have glanced at those 5 words several times, and feel right on track.  Thanks, Denise!

What are your top 5 areas of focus in your small business?  Which ones are relevant to your small business internet marketing efforts?

If you are not following this gem, you should be.  Even authors of the Motivation Monday column at Secrets to Web Success need some motivation. :-)

P.S.  I met Denise on Twitter.  Just goes to show you that you can connect and network with some fantastic leaders online.  So what are you waiting for?  Go set yourself up a Twitter account and follow people like the Motivation Mama.


Of course make sure to follow us on Twitter too (@deontee, @cenay and @daliburgado) – :-) ….And if you noticed we now have a new feature on this blog that will allow you to “re-tweet” (or share our posts with all of your followers).  The neat thing about Twitter is that you also get cool points for re-tweeting cool posts.

Happy Focusing on Five!

I appreciate you!

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  1. So true, The more we focus on what we want the more effort we’ll put to improve those areas of our business and life. In order to achieve our goals its important to stay focused.

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