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Improve Your SEO with Keywords Optimization

97% of web content gets buried in the infinite sea of Google Search because web content authors do not understand SEO (search engine optimization) and one key component of it: Keywords Optimization.  Keywords are the spinal chord that keeps the body of your content in alignment.  Have a weak backbone for your site’s content and your web visibility, traffic, and online customer base will suffer.

Not only do you have to generate your top tier keywords, you also have to link back to highly relevant content as well.  For a good checklist for on page SEO success, get the SenSEO Firefox Plugin.

In order to help you with your keywords optimization, I blogged a while ago about a Mozilla Firefox plugin called KeyGen Add on that helps you generate keyword ideas for you content based on what you already have written.  However, relying just on a till like KeyGen can be limiting, as this step fails to take into consideration the DEMAND for your web content using the keywords your potential clients will type in the search engines to find your products and services.  In order to break down what content is in demand, you must conduct your keyword research.

One keywords optimization tool that will help you generate more long tail keywords (more targeted longer phrases) to select for your web content is Google’s Search Basked Keyword Tool.

How This Keywords Optimization Tool Works:

The Search Based Keyword tool will dissect your web content when you provide your URL and will give you relevant keyword phrases you can blog or write about to strengthen that web content backbone.  You can also add keyword phrases for it to bring back related searches.  The advantage to using this than only just relying on a tool such as KGen is that it also gives you the monthly estimated demand on Google for those keyword phrases.

6 Simple Steps to Get Your Content and Keywords Optimized for Google

  1. If you don’t already have one,  create a Free Google Adwords Account (You will need an account in order to get the full possibilities).  You don’t necessarily have to run an Adwords campaign to do research on here.
  2. Sign In using Your Google Adwords Account at the Search Based Keyword Tool Page
  3. Enter Your Website URL In the Website Field
  4. Enter Keywords or Phrases relevant to your content
  5. Click on Find Keywords
  6. This keywords optimization tool will give you:
    • Relevant Keyword Phrases to use in your web content
    • Monthly Search Demand on Google for each keyword phrase
    • Suggested Bid and Ad Search Share for the keywords on Google Adwords
    • Related Content on Your Blog or Website that you can link back to (to strengthen Your On Page SEO)

View the Following Short Video Tutorial on How to Strengthen Your Keywords Optimization

Please comment to ask a question about keywords optimization or SEO.  Happy Search Engine Optimizing!

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  1. Lud said

    What do you think about the keyword tool from iSpionage? It offer a lot more information on keywords, besides search volume and competition interest. This tool provides information about the cost of keywords, their average allocated budget, the competing websites and their paid keywords, information that you can use in your advantage. It can also build PPC campaigns. Pretty cool isn’t it?

  2. We can also use Google Adwords keyword tool and Google insights to research keyword for our website. We need to do keyword research for every web page. Thanks for sharing this information. :)

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