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Marketing Tips to Optimize Your Twitter Site.

What is the first thing you do when you click on an interesting Tweet on Twitter?

This marketing tip will share what Most of us do. Most of us will look at the photo and read the bio first. A Twitter site with a real persons photo and a bio will attract over 8 times as many visitors and followers as one without a bio, and that is one of the most decisive factors when deciding whether to follow or not follow a person. If you didn’t get a nice photo and fill out your bio or it’s not very descriptive, you are missing out on many potential followers. Twitter is a little more generous with your bio and gives you 160 characters to use to describe your self and who you are too. So use all of them!

You’re probably wondering if having a photo, a bio and website link in your Twitter profile can actually make a huge difference in how may followers. Well, yeah, and there are lots of studies to prove just how valuable the bio is. Google it!

Another important detail to remember in your Twitter bio is your location. Twitter goes worldwide, NOT JUST the States. So, NOT everyone has any idea where “Nebraska” is. Much less, this is social media and failing to be SPECIFIC, is NOT helpful to anyone who may read your info. Post your city/town, state/province & country. I tend to BLOCK SPAMMERS, PORN, those who fail to post a picture & those who fail to post SPECIFICS of their location. As your list of followers increases, the responsibility goes up to provide a connection. Just having a large number of followers is a BIG MISTAKE. You are doing them a dis-service and leaving money on the table if you fail to connect with them.

Writing a good bio in only 160 characters can be a bit challenging, but just keep in mind that you don’t have to give out your life story. Try to focus on some critical keywords that will really describe you to your audience. Use the keywords that you think people will use when they run a search on Twitter. Try to think about it like SEO (search engine optimization) for Twitter. Just like when you optimize a website for the search engines. When writing your Twitter bio, just try to think about what kind of followers you want to attract to you and your sites.

Here is what I recommend when you write your Twitter bio:

Be real and transparent. Let people get to know you and tell them what you do and what you like. Let them see what you look like, the real you, not some picture you grabbed online. Take some time and create the absolute best bio about yourself that you can. (Leave out the expert and guru stuff, cause they will figure that out by themselves.) Describe your interests and what you like to do for fun.Tell them what you’re good at and what you need help with. Let them know you and you’ll soon have a bunch of devoted followers.

Do not forget to think about your niche though, and what kind of targeted followers you want to attract, so select your keywords wisely. It will make it easier to monetize later.

If you haven’t taken the time to write a proper Twitter bio, go over these marketing tips again and go do it right now!

About The Author

Carol Hansen, a Twitter specialist focusing on building and monetizing your network. You can connect with Carol on Twitter or Facebook and follow her latest projects, blog posts and cool tips on building and monetizing your Twitter following.

About The Author

Dali Burgado, also known as "The Dali Blogger" teaches creative entrepreneurs how to carve a web presence that connects with their Inner Guru and their target audience. Her first online marketing love is SEO. She's an avid connector on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. When she's not coaching or teaching, she's tweaking sites for Search Engine Visibility, working on her PHP and Javascript coding skills, Singing Opera, or learning about gardening. Circle Dali on Google+

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  1. Very interesting article Carol, in my twitter account i have more followers. But i need more quality followers, Wat to do. Suggest me an idea to get quality followers. Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards
    Aaron Nagal

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