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Why isn’t your web page first place on Google? If you don’t know then it’s time to go by to school.

The secret lesson is an organic traffic formula that is hands-down the best hack for site traffic growth.

It comes directly from SEO master Spencer Haws.

Big potential here…

I’m currently making $50K per month with the skills I have from different methods of digital marketing.

SEO is a wonderful service to offer to business owners.

I do SEO, with a twist… because I mostly work to rank my own web properties vs. the properties of business owners.

And with these SEO secrets and my knowledge in generating business leads, I’m earning $50k a month.

Who is Spencer Haws?

Spencer Haws is an SEO consultant who helps businesses rank high on Google. It’s that simple.

Low page rank means low conversions and low sales. The miracle is that Spencer gets high ranks without spend on Google AdWords. His method is all organic.

How does he do it? His training plan explains it all.

Organic Traffic Formula Summary

Too many SEO specialists jump immediately to ad spend. Driving traffic seems to be all about money, right?

 But organic growth doesn’t have to take a back seat. Real organic traffic is completely doable if you know the right approach.

To achieve monumental results, you need to get educated on the backend of Google. You have to ask the right questions to get the right answers.

Once you begin probing into the depths of search performance you will begin to see the light.

Here is just a taste of what is in store with Spencer’s training modules:

·         Understanding how websites receive incoming traffic

·         Learning how conversion drives ecommerce through traffic

·         Why rank matters with Google and actually makes money

·         What’s the secret to long tail keywords and search?

·         What is a niche and why does it matter?

·         Getting up to speed with your domain

·         Finding the best host to maximize site performance

·         The secret behind plug-ins

As Spencer walks you through each training module you will begin to understand the underlying tactics of why organic traffic is really possible. Spencer opens up the power of niche marketing online in several step by step modules.

For example, did you know that when you try to capture too much traffic you lose out?

That’s where SEO specialists get greedy and turn too easily to the option of ad spend.

Those vanity numbers mean nothing if you don’t win conversions. Spencer show you that niche discovery online is the real money-maker. And, it doesn’t have to cost you anything.

The niche audience is ready to buy. Once you find them then traffic starts to pour onto your site. It’s really that simple.

Following his methods carefully you will see how Spencer taps every aspect of a website and revitalizes it with organic gusto.

Forget top keyword lists, they are ruled by the competition and cost too much.

 Spencer reveals the beauty of long tail keyword strategies and how they can put your page to the top of Google for no spend.

Spencer even introduces you the essential tools used by the pros for identifying critical niche markets. 

You can not only target these keys consumes but do intel on the competition.

Spencer finally takes SEO away from the traditional approach of spend and get traffic. That is definitely old school.

Learn how organic can really grow your site. 

Spencer’s Course was Great, but This is What I’m Doing in 2019 for Passive Income…

It’s a simple method.

Small entrepreneurs strive to get there name out there more than anything else.

The difficulties begin when they don’t know how to achieve that.

So, we lend a helping hand.

The websites we create generate leads or calls from potential clients for these struggling business owners. Our site forwards them the leads, they seal major deals, everyone’s happy.

This is how I’d compare this with E-marketing

Cons of E-marketing

Why Business Leads was Right for Me

For example, this limousine service needed clients. So, I made them this website:

Pay attention to the rank of that site on Google. That’s what grabs the clients toward the website.

Hard to find a website the farther it is in the search results, isn’t it?

After the site is ranked, it’ll start generating leads, and you’ll be all set up. No maintenance required. You’ll just keep getting paid, while it sits there.

That’s the beauty of passive income.

Oh no! Someone opted out of your site. No worries, you own everything on that site. So we just shuffle it on to another client.

Little risk, big potential.

This tree care site is another good example of what to expect:

I’m earning a nice $2k a month from them. And that’s just one of about 80 sites I own.

I have been building these sites since 2014 and I have not stopped because I haven’t found a better form of passive income.

And the business leads community is far from deserted.

Here, you’ll see someone who is very happy with his first steps into business lead gen:

Here is the same business leads coaching program the he took along with our thriving Facebook community.

We’re always happy to grow and support the newbies.

Like minded individuals that win alllll day..

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