Do you realize there is a secret to selling insurance?

Most agents spend hours trying to close on deals, only to have doors closed in their faces.

I myself have faced this. Now after learning more about digital marketing and business lead generation, I am now earning $50k a month.

If you sell insurance and feel like you can’t get ahead in the game, then it’s time to change your perspective with selling techniques that really work.

The solutions come from a real pro in the biz named Joseph Davis.

In this article, I will be reviewing Joseph Davis’s course as well as comparing this technique with business lead generation.

Who is Joseph Davis?

Joseph Davis is a selling machine. With years of experience pounding the pavement, he has earned serious money through closed deals.

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 He turned his selling innovations into modern tech. He now churns steady revenue through email and social channels.

He realized so many sales reps were still selling the old-fashioned way. That’s why he created the Underground Agency Playbook.


Underground Agency Playbook Summary

This comprehensive course takes everything you know about selling insurance and transforms it into a digital strategy.

Joseph shows you how he easily secured big sales through digital vehicles. And no, you don’t have to be some digital geek.

You don’t even have to be some savvy marketing professional. These tactics are easy to learn and they work.

Here is just a sample of what Joseph brings you with this playbook:

·         Lead generation social tactics for Facebook and LinkedIn

·         Direct response email marketing methods that lead to instant sales

·         Telemarketing follow up tips that get the papers signed

·         Social selling tactics that engage new customers while they post

Joseph just doesn’t give you a bunch of random tips and tricks. He has carefully structured his course so that every element works together as a unified strategy.

He includes dozens of sales templates so you don’t have to be an expert writer to craft emails and social posts. Joseph has made it plug and play!

He covers important details that many overlook. For example, do you know how to write a killer email subject line? Joseph shows you how that works.

Do you understand how to read social metrics? Joseph takes you on a deep dive into the dashboard back end of Facebook.

Do you know what makes insurance selling different than selling anything else? That secret is finally revealed by Joseph.

With hours of motivational training video, Joseph will help you craft your personal strategy for selling insurance.

His methods work across all types of insurance deals. Become a master at selling in auto insurance and bundling home products with new customers.

Joseph will even show you how to get large companies to invest in your health insurance policies. That’s the big commission stuff!

Joseph will even reveal his secrets for getting client referrals and personal reviews on your professional performance.

Regardless of what type of insurance you sell, you must get up to date on the latest in marketing technology.

Tap into all the channels that reach new customers instantly. Joseph helps you evolve with the times and become a sales rep of the future.

This complete digital marketing package prepares you for the modern world of insurance selling at every step. It’s time to take your selling performance to the next level. 

Why I’m Doing Business Leads for Passive Income in 2019

Business lead generation is a very simple process that can make you invaluable to the businesses that work with you.

It starts with a company having trouble getting clients to do business with.

If they can’t make enough deals, they don’t survive.

So we come in, make a website that gets leads, and they pay us for forwarding those leads to them.

That’s what makes us so valuable to them.

So how does this compare to digital insurance sale? Let’s see:

Cons of Digital Marketing:

Why I Think Business Lead Gen is so Great

I’ve been getting paid for the leads I get this limo service for years now:

See how the website comes up top on the search results? That gets them attention for clients.

We get them the leads they need to make money. They pay us for those leads. Everyone wins!

Part of what I love about this is once the website is up generating leads your part is pretty much finished. It’s a true passive income.

You also don’t have to worry about losing all your progress if a company drops you. The site is all yours to control, so you can simply move those leads to another company in need.

It’s an incredible process I am happy to be a part of.

This tree service and I have been working together for years:

Yup, you read that correctly. $2000 a month from that site alone.

And don’t worry, you’re not going to be taking your first steps alone.

There is a huge community out there to lend you a hand should things start to look difficult.

They were there for me and will be there for you too.

Here’s a newbie from 2018 that’s excited about his start:

This business leads course will teach you the skills to make passive income by following an easy step by step proven process.

It’s unlike anything else out there..

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