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5 Steps to Online Business Networking Nirvana

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The world of online marketing is fascinatingly riveting.  And you might find that although learning online business networking is thrilling, there is just a lot of information to dissect and noise pollution that needs to be weeded out of your daily routine.

News and information travel at light speed.

Rampant social chatter and conversations fire away 24/7.  The more you network on social networking platforms such as Facebook, the more you start getting a mother load of group requests that detract from staying productive in your small business internet marketing efforts.  For a time I felt like I had to monitor it all because I didn’t want to miss something important.  That’s when I had to get productive and started on the journey to online networking nirvana.

It’s too common…You find so many juicy links throughout the course of your online studies, you then

click, click, click…

And before you know it you have 27 web browser tabs open.


You wonder how you’ll ever be productive using social media to market yourself, your products and services.

Talk about online business networking overload!  Somehow you feel you just can’t keep up with learning social networking for your small business.

I felt the same way.

I recently heard that, on average, our minds are bombarded with over 1,000 advertising messages offline.  If you’re online for several hours a day learning how to market your small business on the Internet then you know that bombardment and marketing messages is, at least, more like ten times that much.

Yet, somehow in the midst of the social media and networking banter you CAN and WILL find tons of valuable information and CAN be productive with the time you invest in learning online networking skills and build your online marketing list at the same time.

So, How do you break across the noise and Reach Online Business Networking Nirvana?

To ensure you are being productive in your small business social networking tasks take the following steps:

1) Favorite The Information Gold Mine Blogs with an RSS Reader or Subscribe by Email

There are millions of blogs living in the blogosphere.  When you spot a blog that provides tons of value, and is a gold mine of information, then you should either subscribe by email or by RSS reader (preferred for the productivity driven small business owner).  Often times the RSS icon is orange and is visible.  Ours is in the middle and in the top right corner of this theme at present.

An RSS reader like Google Reader will allow you to access your favorite blogger’s post updates at any time that is convenient for you.  Some Web browsers have a built in RSS Reader and some like Mozilla Firefox has add ons that you can use such as Firefox Sage.  If you can’t stand email overload, then the RSS option is the way to go.  On the other hand, if you prefer timely “hot out the oven “posts then getting posts by email is your best bet.

Make sure to keep up with your favorite blogs on at least a weekly basis and put yourself out there and comment.  The love  will come your way, in the form of blog or website visitors, if you actively participate and provide value and kudos where you see fit.

If you get your favorite blog posts by email you can be one of the first to comment (being one of the first blog commentors can help get some additional traffic to your website or blog – especially on high profile blogs -  as long as you really add value to the conversation on your favorite blogs).  Prioritize on commenting on similar blogs in your niche for maximum search engine Amore!

2) Only Follow the Tweeters that Have Value to Offer YOU

You can tell by reviewing the tweeter’s first page how much value he or she provides and if he or she is really utilizing Twitter just for immediate profit  gain or if they are there to provide long term value and gain your trust.  This latter area is where you want to be as well.

If the twitter user has a series of tweets promoting his or her products or services and is not conversing with others, then you know that person is not who you want to follow.

To find people that might be of interest to your Internet marketing education and for your online marketing efforts use Twitter Search .

I admire and appreciate twitter users who  provide awesome value like @mrfire, @emailcopywriter, @michaelmillman, @blairwarren, @coachdeb.  These are must follow leaders especially if you’d like to master the art of persuasion.

I also appreciate the art of motivation and recommend you follow”tweeps” (eh hem folks) like @erichamm and @motivationmama.

For your SEO fancy follow @trontastic and our very own @cenay.  Of course I recommend you add that ‘em lady @daliburgado :-)

3) Set up a Google Alerts and Tweet Beeps and Get Strategic with your Small Business Internet Marketing

A Google Alert will notify you of the top 10 search engine results for a specific keyword or keyword phrase you specify.  You can set these up to come to you daily or weekly via email.

Recently, Cenay wrote about  Google Alerts being your personal assistant!

There is Power in Google Alerts when it comes to Reaching Online Business Networking Nirvana…

If you own a small business blog you will want to follow blogs in your niche and look out for blog posts that are similar in nature to the content you provide for some Google love.

Setting up a Google Alert for your main keywords and commenting on the blogs that contain those keywords will help you get some more love from search engines and more visitors to your website or blog.  These are the blogs you’ll want to monitor for maximum online marketing productivity!

You can also enter your name as a keyword to keep an eye on what others are saying about you.

And…there is a also Google Alert-like service for monitoring your brand on Twitter as well.  The service can be found at Tweetbeep. TweetBeep will keep track of conversations that mention you, your products, your company, any key words you’d like on an hourly basis (but of course we want to keep productive and do this once a day).

Do you see how we’re ascending to a state of Online Networking Nirvana?! :-)

4) Restrict What You Subscribe to and Read

I can attest, I love to opt-in, as the information lover I am.  I crave knowledge like you do.  There’s nothing sinful about that.


Do NOT opt into (subscribe to) every online marketer’s email list.  This can disrupt the path to online Networking Nirvana and add to the noise pollution restricting your productivity groove.

If you are studying email list building then don’t opt in to learn Pay Per Click.  It’s counterproductive.

And if you must check email more than 2x a day use Thunderbird, as you can  organizes important emails by assigning tags as well as integrate multiple email accounts.  Just another reason to browse on Mozilla!

5) Use Firefox and Friends to Hold You Accountable

Firefox can also hold you accountable.

Page Addict is an add on that will tell you how long you’ve been on a particular website.  It will tell you if you’ve been on a frivolous information hunt because it gives you the amount of time you have spent on every website you’ve visited during the day.  If you’re on gmail for an hour, that’s moving you away from Networking Nirvana.

Remember your small business accountability partner can also play a role in keeping you accountable to networking productively online.

Are you enjoying some cool tools that have you in the state of Networking Nirvana?

Share your ideas here.

We appreciate you!


We,the Secrets to Web Success Team, are working diligently to keep you on the path to small business internet marketing and online networking nirvana!  Make sure to keep up with us as we reveal some decadent recipes for your internet marketing appetite!

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