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5 Web Tweaks to Increase Targeted Traffic

google instant previews Google just 2 days ago (11/9/10) launched “Google Instant Previews.“  If you’ve surfed on Google the past 2 days you will have noticed that if you hover over any search result a preview of how that web page looks will appear on the right of the search result.  This dimension can either be good to bring you more targeted traffic or keep visitors away.

Not only will surfers rely on the SEO meta data – title and description – you have for your blog post or web page, but the appearance of your site will now also be another factor users will take into consideration when deciding whether or not to click on your web site link to access your web content.  This brings up usability and design into the equation for your success online.

Now, does this mean you have to hire a graphic designer?  No, not necessarily.  There are plenty of clean WordPress themes out there, if you’re already blogging on WordPress or have your corporate site on WordPress.

Here are a 5 Web Usability Tips You Can Implement to Help More Readers Click on your Site

1) White Space on Your Site is Good

Have plenty of white space to help viewers read your content easily. Avoid black backround on white text (a lot of techies don’t realize how bad this is for your users and how fast folks leave your site if this is the case).

2) Use Some Color Psychology in Your Blog Design or WordPress Theme Choice

Avoid using too much red. Red is the color of the stop sign. Use more blues (color of trust) and yellow (the add to cart sign of most huge retailers i.e. Amazon) and online payment portals (Paypal) are goldish yellow. If you have that color on your site you’re giving your readers a “subliminal” to want to buy.

3) Use a 2 Column Layout/Theme

Avoid crowding information in 3 column themes (and tiny fonts), if possible.  Don’t overwhelm your reader.  Keep it presentable. Stay clean.  This is not to say there aren’t any nice user-friendly WordPress themes; I just don’t remember any!

4) Make Good Use of the Top Right

The top right is prime real estate on your blog. It’s where most readers eyes avert to after any fancy banners or graphics you might have.  Use this space to suit your web marketing goals.  If you want your readers to follow you on the social networks you’re active on, make sure to keep that in the top right.  If you are focused on improving your email subscriber opt-in rate, always have your optin form there.

5) Keep it Above the Fold and in Your Navigation

Keep important content above the fold (the point where readers don’t have to scroll down).  Mostly all surfers and readers are lazy, and they want everything they are looking for easily accessible.   Make sure your important pages are in your navigation.

Google’s Instant Previews makes having a nice clean layout an even more important element in helping your potential readers decide whether or not to click on your site to get the information they are searching for. However, remember they have to find you on the first page of Google first!

Implement these 5 tips and check your analytics to see the improvements.  Are there any other elements I have forgotten?  Please share them with us.

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  1. I didn’t make a complete stop at a red light, and a traffic camera caught it. I can either pay the fine and attend traffic school, or hire a traffic attorney to fight for me. I hate the idea of paying between $100-$600 to a traffic attorney who’s just advertising on Google to just write something up, take my money, and who knows what the odds of winning are. Should I just pay the fine and attend traffic school?

  2. Fifth trick is really useful, breadcrumb navigation is most important for every website, it an easy way to build internal links. It really helps to improve search engine ranking also.

  3. Your color suggestion for blue is good. You have implemented in your blog too. its a pleasant color to get attract of visitor to click.

  4. This is very nice website veiw to web traffic.What do you recommend I add to my skill set so that I can successfully enter this field in a corporate position. Should I develop 1-3 websites using the technology? Should I go get a second bachelors degree in computer science? I am looking for the quickest way to get in the door.

  5. you have for your blog post or web page, but the appearance of your site will now also be another factor users will take into consideration when deciding whether or not to click on your web site link to access your web content…thanks

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