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Are you “Marketing” on Facebook, or are you Marketing on Facebook?

I had an interesting conversation with a friend and colleague a few days ago.

The topic of conversation revolved around the ever expanding world of social media and the “experts” who evangelize, teach, and promote it.

If you were paying attention, you noticed that I have the word experts in quotation marks. I did this simply because everyone these days can easily hop into the scene and declare themselves a social media expert.

Now, before I proceed, let me state that I don’t wear that particular label around my neck as well.

I view this situation much like everything else in life: if you have to call yourself a certain title to be recognized in that field, chances are, you have more work to do. But, I digress.

So, what does all of this have to do with Facebook and your experience with it as an entrepreneur and/or small business owner?

Well, during that conversation I mentioned earlier, I realized that there was a very telling and distinguishing quality between someone who was recognized as an expert and someone who just labeled themselves one was this: strategy.

Allow me to expound… It’s relatively easy, if you dedicated a certain amount of time and effort, to learn how to operate and navigate the myriad of social media sites out there.

However, it’s a whole ‘nother ballgame when you start talking about strategy and how these different sites and services could and should be used as it relates to a particular niche, business, or industry.

I believe the same concept holds true for people who are “marketing” on Facebook.

Simply tossing up a page and asking/begging/spamming people to join does not constitute an effective Facebook marketing strategy. Think of your Facebook profile (and Page) as online stores.

The goal, obviously, is to attract people to come in and spend time there.

But, for whatever reason, there seems to be a disconnect somewhere along the ride. We try our hardest to attract people into the store, but fail to stock the shelves with things for them to eat.

In this example, some good food to supply would be videos, photos, or maybe some RSS content. If the walls are bare, not only will the people leave, but they’ll also leave disappointed.

An effective Facebook marketing strategy consists not only of getting the people in the doors, but also feeding them your “content” from various sources (e.g. Flickr, WordPress blog, Youtube, custom apps, etc.).

And, what’s great about Facebook is that it more closely resembles a vibrant coffee shop than a mundane grocery story.

In other words, people come with the expectation of hanging out and interacting.

The more conversations and engaging activities that are taking place, the better your chances of getting more readers, subscribers, attention, and — gasp — money. Who’d a thunk it?

So, whether you’re someone who’s new to this whole Facebook and social media game… Or you’re a someone who’s been burned in the past due to a poor marketing plan, I think it would be beneficial to give Facebook a go…

But, this time, remember that the difference between time invested and time wasted will often be defined by your strategy.

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Carol Hansen, a Twitter specialist focusing on building and monetizing your network. You can connect with Carol on Twitter or Facebook and follow her latest projects, blog posts and cool tips on building and monetizing your Twitter following.

About The Author

Dali Burgado, also known as "The Dali Blogger" teaches creative entrepreneurs how to carve a web presence that connects with their Inner Guru and their target audience. Her first online marketing love is SEO. She's an avid connector on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. When she's not coaching or teaching, she's tweaking sites for Search Engine Visibility, working on her PHP and Javascript coding skills, Singing Opera, or learning about gardening. Circle Dali on Google+

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