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How the Right RSS Viewer Can Keep You Productive

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As a savvy productivity driven small business Internet marketer, there are certain tips that will help you easily get to information that will help you in your online marketing.  Today’s tip has to do with an a neat RSS Viewer.

RSS Explained for the Novice Small Business Internet Marketer

Before we get into the nitty gritty, RSS, which is the acronym for Really Simple Syndication, is a web format used to publish frequently updated online content, such as on a blog (blog posts/entries), audio and video in a standardized format.  An RSS document is called a feed (or web feed), which includes data that summarizes the publishing information and allows you to see full or summarized versions of text, audio or video on a blog.

Web feeds benefit you as a small business online publisher by allowing you to syndicate content automatically.   RSS benefits the readers who subscribe to your timely updates, and other updates they subscribe to, in one central location that is easy to reference.  This is great because your readers won’t need to remember your website link (url) – especially if it’s not a memorable one.

There are many RSS Viewers or Readers that allow you – and your readers – to see all the content subscribed to.   One example of a reader is the popular, Google RSS Reader.

Now that we all know what RSS is, let’s talk about the coolest RSS Viewer we, the Secrets to Web Success Team have found.

The Coolness in Using the Feedly RSS Viewer

If you are ready to be more effective and organized with your small business Internet marketing then you will appreciate the Mozilla Firefox Feedly RSS viewer add on.

Eh hem…Guys, this means if you have not yet downloaded the Free Mozilla Firefox web browser, then go ahead and get it now (especially since Mozilla is an Internet marketer’s dream come true…and we’ll be blogging about Firefox and its cool add ons to help you be more effective a lot).

There are several pros to using this RSS viewer.  Read more or view the video on Feedly Below.  (FYI – The video is a bit grainy but will give you an overall picture of the cool views in feedly – I’ll be adding a better video soon.)

What the Feedly RSS Viewer Allows You to Do

Feedly will help you Easily Find the Blogs You Want to frequent and comment on.

If you are a small business blogger, or aspiring one, you will want to subscribe to blog feeds that are similar to yours.

It is important to keep abreast of what is going on in your niche and spot opportunities to provide valuable comments while generating inbound links to enhance your search engine optimization (SEO) and visibility.

Last week we talked about the importance of using Google Alerts to track your primary keywords to help you comment on the highly relevant blogs to help with SEO and bring you to a state of Online Business Networking Nirvana.

Having all your feeds in an organized fashion allows you to comment on the most relevant and important blogs to help you be more productive in your online marketing efforts.

Display your Favorite RSS Feeds in Multiple Visually Stimulating Formats

Feedly will help you organize your feed by categories and display your feeds in a visually pleasing to the eye format.

You can view your feeds like a magazine layout or by titles only.  You can also view the feeds you’re subscribed to in different formats.  Watch the video to appreciate the organization bliss!

Feedly integrates with Google Reader if you presently use Google Reader.  If you don’t no sweat.

Feedly Reader Easily Allows You To Share Your Favorite Blog Posts with Ease

A mini bar hovers at the bottom of the screen as you surf through blogs and allows you to tweet a blog post or share it by email with your contacts.

Enjoy this cool RSS Viewer/Reader! You will appreciate the organization and ease of referring back to your favorite blogs for certain!

Try it.  Or if you already use it, let us know what you think about Feedly below!

Read More About the Power of Feedly Below

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5 Ways the Feedly RSS Viewer will Accelerate Your Web Marketing Success

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  1. Hello. I am one of the co-founders of feedly. I found this post by doing a search for feedly on twitter. Thank you very much for this neat video preview. We will make sure that people who are looking for a feedly 101 know it exists! If you ever need technical support of have suggestions on how to improve feedly, we listen on twitter at @feedly and on getsatisfaction/feedly

  2. Dali said

    Hi Edwin,
    Thank you for commenting. Feedly rocks! As you can see we are big fans! I’m following you on Twitter, so I’m looking forward to the tweets. :-)

  3. Thanks for sharing that Dali! That’s great, I just added that plugin. :)

    Keep it up Dali!

  4. Dali said

    Hey Paul,
    You’re welcome. Thank you for stopping by as always, buddy :-) I’m glad you added the Feedly plugin. You’ll love it!

  5. Mykal Kvenberg said

    Thanks Dali. I see the RSS icon everywhere now.

  6. Jennifer Barreto said

    Great info Dali didn’t realize how many features there were with Feedly!

  7. Never realized how much I struggled with the Google Reader UI until I discovered feedly (today). Thanks for saving me some learning time.

  8. Dali said

    Hey Peter,
    You are quite welcome. Enjoy Feedly and look forward to seeing you around. I appreciate you.
    Dali Burgado

  9. Dali said

    You’re welcome, Jennifer.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Thank you for visiting.

  10. Interesting subject. I m really glad to read your blog. I m impressed with your good work. I have gone through many blogs but I found yours the most interesting…. I m looking forward for more of your work…

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