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Increase Your Web Visibility with Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Research Tools “How do I increase web visibility for my website or blog?” happens to be the quintessential question when it comes to finding success on the web. Most website owners don’t have the slightest clue how to determine what keywords research tools to use let alone know the fundamentals of search engine optimizing their content. Take comfort in the fact that a lot of what you need to learn about web visibility can be achieved through keyword research tools (a lot are free and some cool paid sources exist as well).

Improving your web visibility can mean a lot to you and your small business. Considering 95%+ of website owners have no clue how to increase their traffic, you’ve got a head start on those who are fiddling around paying for traffic. You don’t have to be an Adwords master. Avoid spending a small fortune by implementing the following quick tips to improve your web visibility. Afterall, you deserve it!

More Web Visibility Starts with Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first step to naturally improving your web visibility and learning Search Engine Optimization. Taking this first step towards improving your visibility online can mean a big difference in a ghost town website or blog and a blog that sees fresh new and repeat traffic. Even bloggers who know the bare basics of SEO and keyword research see the benefits in getting indexed (listed organically) by the search engines on page one pretty quickly without paying a cent for traffic.

Unfortunately a big mistake made by web authors is that they use jargon, their business name or company, or keywords that they think make sense (as opposed to what really is being search for in the search engines) as keywords without doing homework to find what their potential clients are looking for.

This is what you want to avoid.

Make sure to stop thinking about using the jargon in your niche and use the common language search engine users are using to find you. Blog around those keywords.

You don’t have to be an SEO know-it-all or keyword research guru to see natural search engine traffic. You can get indexed by Google (and all the other search engines) if you just do your homework.

Below are two of my favorite free keyword research tools to help you increase your web visibility for you site or blog.

Using Free Keyword Research Tools to Increase your Web Visibility

Let’s focus on Google, for a minute, as over 50% of search queries worldwide are entered using Google.

Using free keyword research tools like the Google Adwords Tool and Google’s search-based keyword tool can help you tons in the keyword research department.

Google Adwords Tool

Snap shot of the Adwords Tool

Okay, now secret – Google’s tools can be used even if you do not intend to run an Adwords campaign. All you need is a gmail account (and register for a free Google adwords account).

Using the Adwords Keyword Tool vs. Search Based Keyword Tool

The great thing about the Adwords tool is that it will give you concisely what you need to know at a fundamental/newbie level. You will see:

  1. Your keyword phrase
  2. global demand
  3. local demand
  4. trending patterns (the highest search volume occurring in a particular month).
  5. Estimated Ad position

You can also sort your results at the click of a mouse (from ascending or descending order) and can hide what you don’t need. Additionally, you can enter your URL (website) in the Adwords tool and it will give you a list of keyword phrases you could use in your content with all the information noted above.

You can also see what folks are paying on the Adwords tool for a particular keyword phrase indicating how popular the term is. In fact, you can sort the advertiser competition from highest to lowest cost. Sometimes you will see that the competition is nil and yet people still pay for phrases they could rank for pretty easily.

You don’t get true competition numbers at a glance with the Adwords Tool here, but you get an at-a-glance picture of what your potential clients are typing in Google to find your content, products and services. This tool actually gives competition as a measure of advertisers bidding on a term only. However,you can use this intel in your organic SEO.

The Adwords tool will allow you to select your keywords with the click of a mouse and export the data into a CSV file for Excel. This list will help you determine the keyword phrases you want to rank for.

Google Adwords Tool Snapshot

Google Adwords Tool Snapshot

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Google’s Search Based Keyword Suggestion Tool

So what’s the difference between Adwords Tool and Keyword Suggest Tool

To take a page from the External Suggestion Tool:

The main difference between the Search-based Keyword Tool and the Keyword Tool currently in AdWords is that the former generates keyword ideas based on your website, and identifies those currently not being used in your AdWords account. Additionally, the Search-based Keyword Tool provides more detailed data for each keyword, such as category information, suggested bid that may place the ad in the top three spots of a search results page, and ad/search share. Both tools, however, offer the option of browsing all keywords across all categories.

The nice thing about Google’s search-based keyword tool is that it will give you popular keyword phrases from highest demand on down automatically. If you enter your own website this tool will give you the keywords you could also rank for that you may not already by capitalizing on. If you have content related to the keywords or a keyword is already in use in your web page or blog post, the suggestion tool will extrapolate the blog post or page it is on so that you can know what page or post to tweak. This is powerful info for a free tool.

This tool works great if you are looking for a niche market and would like to monetize several different websites, as you can see top keywords across all categories. These things get me too excited!

Google Search-Based Keyword Tool

Google Search-Based Keyword Tool

As with Adwords Tool, You don’t get true competition numbers at a glance here. With the suggestion tool, competition is defined as a measure of the number of ads showing on a term unlike with Adwords.

To get true competition you can type your keyword phrase in quotes in Google and look at the number on the right that gives you total results for that keyword phrase.

After Using the Keyword Research Tools

After gathering the intel on what your potential clients are typing in Google search to find you, you will want to organize your keywords in you excel spreadsheet by highest demand and lowest competition (two columns).

Once you’ve decided, you will use these keyword phrases in your content. While I am on this subject, remember to use the Sen SEO plugin to help you learn on page search engine optimization. This free firefox plugin is worth thousands to your SEO education.

Always remember, that without appropriate web visibility there is no point in having a website or blog. Using the keyword phrases that your target market is looking for is crucial to the success of any site. Make sure to learn how to gauge the demand and competition of keywords.

Taking the steps to ensure you conduct keyword research with good keyword research tools will help you move towards building a better website or blog via natural search engine traffic (SEO) will pay off big time as time goes by.

To get insider secrets on how to conduct keyword research register for our next free webcast:
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