Builderall vs Clickfunnels – The ultimate comparison in 2018

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Builderall Vs Clickfunnels Comparison

Which is Best All-In-One Marketing Platform for Building Your Online Business

First, lets look at the mediums that you can use to build your online business

There are 5 New mediums which replaced the old traditional mediums such as Newspaper, Postal Mail, Radio, TV and Live Events

Check out below the current mediums that you can use to build your online business this has given an enormous opportunity for anyone to build an online empire with ease and very low investment. Funnel Hacks 2017



People who approach it with business in mind are extremely successful in a very short period of time.

Look the business insider article on people who made a fortune in the shortest time.

Now you know there is a possibility that you too can start today and become rich in the shortest time possible.

In order to build your business in one of the new mediums

If you choose to build it with blogs

You need to build a website, among the most popular alternatives for building your online business is through WordPress. There are lots of design templates to provide you the versatility to construct whatever kind of blog site you desire. The challenge is you need to work with lot of plugins, external systems, software’s that need to be added to your site in order to make it a successful online business which can generate an income.

There are now lot of drag and drop website builders like GoDaddy Page Builder, Squarespace, and Wix etc.. but still you have the similar challenge as above which is in order to establish a success online business you need to work with additional tools to plugin with your main website

By the way, according to Forbes “5 Signs That Traditional Websites Are Becoming Obsolete”

You have two options you can either do nothing and act ignorant or look at the opportunity and take action

The softwares like Clickfunnels or Builderall can save you from the death of your website.

Ultimately, I would say that Builderall is attempting to bridge the gap between sales funnels and websites.

Sales Funnels are getting so popular that there is a rumor that traditional websites are dead

If you’re wanting to grow your online business, you need to shift your mind to thinking in sales funnels instead of websites.

Now let’s look at the main two all-in-one marketing platform that are available in the market right now and what is the best tool for your online business

Clickfunnels Vs. Builderall Features
Let’s take a look and see how these two softwares differ based on their features.

Builderall Features
Here are some pretty cool features Builderall markets and that Clickfunnels cannot do:

App Builder

You can create apps with Builderall and design apps that users can download on their smartphone! This can be very helpful for online stores and membership courses as well.

Floating Videos Creator

If you have a floating video on your landing page you can use the floating videos creator of Builderall.

Design Studio Mockups

Did you ever design a cover for an ebook and you wanted to have a 3D image of your book? With the help of the Design Studio, you can easily insert your covers into 3D mockups and create 3D images of your product.

Things Builderall Can’t Do
Affiliate Program Management System (Backpack)

If you want to create an affiliate program for your funnel and the product you’re selling, you can use Backpack, an affiliate management system that easily integrates with Clickfunnels, and makes setting up an affiliate program a cinch.  Funnel Hacks 2017

Shared Funnels

Shared Funnels are an AMAZING feature to have. Easily share funnels with other ClickFunnel users and have people share their funnels with you. All you need to do is to send them a link and they can easily import and adapt your funnel and vice versa. This is great because if you see something that could work for your business, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Now lets look at the Builderall Vs. Clickfunnels Pricing

Builderall Pricing

$9.90 per month for a single domain and several features but no Mailing Boss.

$29.90 per month gives you unlimited domains and all the features above. How it differs from the tier above is that it also comes with Webmail Manager, On Page SEO Report Tool, Social Share Locker Traffic Generator, the coveted Unlimited Heat/Click Map Tool and more.

$49.90 per month gives you all features and the “BuilderAll Business.” The Builderall Business comes with Ready-To-Go Sales Funnels. In addition is has Business Plans, Ready-To-Go Sales Funnels for Commercial / Local Niches, Bi-Weekly Webinars Step-By-Step Training, and Done For You Marketing Material.


Clickfunnel pricing

$97/mo – Most people choose this plan. With Clickfunnels’ basic plan you get the smart funnel building capabilities.

$297/mo – This is the Etison Suite. You get unlimited funnels and number of pages along with Actionetics, Backpack Affiliate Managment and EVERY other tool they offer. Truly all you need.

$997/Annual – This is the best deal on Clickfunnels. You get the Etison Suite for 6 months free.

In Conclusion

If you already have an online business and wanted to increase your sales

You can choose any one of the options above depending on your financial situation.

If you are building your online business from scratch

You can choose Builderall vs Clickfunnels

Overall, I believe BuilderAll is a strong platform and it is getting better and better they did a relaunch in July 2018 and release a new user friendly Dashboard in October 2018

I believe if you want to start your online business the right way then you need to start looking these investments as investing in tools to start and grow your online presence.

Low quality marketing tools usually provide cheap looking results, but with BuilderAll witch such a low investment you can get the top quality product. Why trust me, take a test ride with 30 days money back guarantee. clickfunnels vs. builderall

If you want to make money online with affiliate marketing

Then builderall business is one of the best options you have in 2018, this is like investing in Facebook back in 2005

Take a look at the Builderall Earnings Calculator, you can make your first $5000 dollars online with just 100 Builderall Business Licenses.

Builderall Earnings Calculator your first $4990


Take a look at the earning potential with builderall 2 tier commercial license, there is nothing out there in the marketplace right now to beat this affiliate commission structure

In the above screenshot you just alone sold 100 Licenses and you made $4990. But in the below screenshot you can see it doesn’t end there as you can get paid for 2-tier commission which gives your recurring income for people joining under the people you referred.

Builderall Earnings Calculator Your First $5000


Your initial income is $4990 and your monthly recurring income is #3742 per month.

Where in the world you can get that kind of side income for doing the work once and getting paid month after month.

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