Affiliate Marketing

While similar to network marketing, this type of program is not the same. While many reseller programs offer incentives for team building, the job of the reseller is to recommend suitable products to their clients or customers.

Today’s most popular reseller programs include Amazon Associates, the eBay Partner Network, Clickbank, Fiverr, and ShareASale, and numerous others that you can find on google.

As a reseller for these platforms, you can promote any number of products and services offered by the supporting platform.

Amazon alone carries over 12 million products! As a trusted reseller, you can choose which of these products are best suited to your business or selling approach.

For the most part, it is the job of the affiliate to set up marketing channels, such as blogs, on their own. The reseller program provides personalized links, banner ads, OTO offers, copy, and other creatives to promote the products.

Affiliates are also often responsible for generating their website traffic. Popular methods to gain more visitors is using social media marketing, Facebook ads, in addition to other organic traffic generation through search engine optimization and using other different technical approaches.

Using a combination of engaging content in conjunction with high-paying affiliate program offerings is a great way to derive more revenues from your digital marketing efforts.

For instance, a cooking blog is perfect for sharing a review of recipes and providing links or ads to recommended products, such as bakeware, small kitchen appliances, or links to your products such as dropshipping products, EBooks or other digital goods.

Hot topic niches that are supported by a diverse network of resellers include dating, parenting, fitness, relationships, B2B, digital marketing, and more.

The reseller area of your top-line provider also contains helpful statistics that give insights into your conversion rates, CPC, and other valuable metrics.

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